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"The humble pincushion never complains
to be constantly poked at by its shiny steel friends...
..for needles and pins with no legs to stand on
my humble pincushion is a most delightful home!"

Welcome to my blog!  I hope you will enjoy browsing thru' my little creations. I love making pincushions, they remind me of my mamma bent over her needlework or teaching me how to make even length stitches which I have never managed to do.

All the pincushions are handmade by me, some designs are mine and some are by crafters whom I admire. There are so many talented people out there and credit will be given if the pattern is not mine.

Some of my pincushions are made with Reproduction Fabrics, I like that old fashioned look and some are painted. You will find many different styles and they all come with a complimentary vintage pin because a pincushion without a pin is like a box with no treasure inside.

I like for some of my pincushions to sit on small papier mache' boxes . The boxes I use for some designs are covered with fabric , it's a long process...the measuring, the cutting, the glueing and the overstitching but they do look so pretty when they are finished and they are perfect  to store all your little sewing notions.

I also make my own hatpins.  I have a very little collection of vintage hatpins and they look just so pretty sticking out of a pincushion that I decided I would make my own . I like them to have a real vintage feel so I have been using vintage pearls, beads and findings that I hunt down in antique markets and on ebay. The shafts and some bits are new but I oxidize them to make them look old, whenever possible I always try to use vintage parts because they look so much prettier.

I hope you will enjoy your visit and find something to your liking. Thank you so much for stopping by and pls visit my Etsy shop below where you will find more items